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A Buying Guide for Bar Stools

Bar stools are an excellent addition to any room, but take a trip out shopping for bar stools, and you might be a little overwhelmed by all the choices and options available today. Bar stools come in a dizzying array of styles, and in all heights. There are stationary, swivel, and backless, and more kinds of bar stools. Best of all, bar stools are made with all kinds of functions in mind. You might find bar stools that are made for billiard rooms, bar stools made to sit at tables, or at an island in the kitchen. As well as their varying functions, bar stools also come in all kinds of qualities, from the cheapest of Chinese imports, to high quality models that will last for years.

Finding the right set of bar stools for your home or business is all about knowing what you want to get out of them. Are you looking for a set of bar stools that will last for many years? If you are, then it is important to know how frequently these bar stools will be used. Bar stools that are used frequently come under much more strain, and are more likely to fall apart as they suffer wear and tear. If the bar stools are going to be used in a commercial setting, such as at a bar, then the highest of quality models should be chosen. Metal bar stools that feature welded joints are the best choice when quality is a must. Bar stools that are held together by screws will not last nearly as long, falling apart in a matter of months. The extra expense is well worth it when purchasing bar stools for high traffic areas.

If you are buying bar stools mainly for decorative purposes, then a stool held together by screws or plastic might be a viable option. If you intend on using the bar stools frequently in the home, then opt for a midrange quality. The cheapest of bar stools can barely withstand any weight, and will fall apart even in a simple home setting. Opt for higher quality in most cases, as the least expensive imports will typically just lead to frustration down the line.

Choosing the right bar stools is key to having a comfortable experience at the bar or table. Typically, 9 to 13" should separate the seat of the stool and the surface of the table. Measure out the table before you go shopping. It is also a good idea to measure the length of the table or bar as well, so that you will know how many bar stools can fit into the area. Consider taking a picture of the area you intend to place the stools in along with you to the store. This will allow you to imagine the stools in that area more effectively. Once you have the measurements down, it is time to visit the store.

At the store you will most likely find a wide range of styles and stools of all functions. Take the time to select the bar stools that are right for your situation. Do you want a stool with a back, perhaps one that swivels? A back is useful for extended use of the bar stool. A swivel stool is nice to have when the focus of the room may shift, such as at a gathering or party. Choosing the right bar stools is all about knowing exactly what you need for your home or business.

together by screws
Bar stools set of bar stools bar stools