Bar Stools

Bar Stools and Their Multiple Uses

Usually, when you think of bar stools, you mind connects with the idea of a bar, people sitting around, lots of smoke, and plenty of drinking. But, for me, bar stools bring up images of my childhood. Quite the odd mix, eh? The reason has to do with the little gingerbread cottage that my family spent the summers in. It was a quaint little place in an area of Oak Bluffs known as the Campgrounds. The kitchen of our cottage had a high counter that separated it from the dining room, and four bar stools - two on either side.

Among my earliest memories of the cottage is sitting on one of those bar stools to eat my breakfast. I could always sit on a chair in the dining room, but I really loved those bar stools. For one thing, they were up so high; for a five to six year old that was a big deal. And then there was the fact that they spun around! Here again, getting to sit on a bar stool and go around and around in place was a lot of fun. I'd practice and see just how many times I could spin in place on the energy of one big push.

Of course, my mother didn't approve of such things. But then, what mother ever does? They never see the fun potential of bar stool, beach towels (as super hero capes), and other household appliances. So, I often had to - go for a spin, when she wasn't around. Now, my Dad, on the other hand, encouraged such things. Dads always seem to be more into the fun stuff, don't they?

When I got older, I started to see movies and TV shows about space ships and navy boats, and they all had steering wheels. Oh, and then there was the ultimate in little kid fun: Speed Racer! So, naturally, my friend and I just had to play Speed, and other games, in the playroom. The thing was, where could we find something to use as steering wheels for out space ships and naval ships, and our race cars? Those bar stools proved to be multi-functional. Bent down at the proper angle, those bar stools were perfect steering wheels.

But, once more, Mother Dear proved a real hindrance to our fun. She did not approve of bar stools being used as toys. Many an afternoon, she would return from shopping to find all four bar stools gone from their assigned locations. Then, it was off to the playroom to search for them. Yet, sometimes, they were not there. We found the front porch an equally good place to play, and often dragged the bar stools out there. So, she'd march out there to chide us for removing them, and order us to put them back in place. Sometimes, if she was not in a particularly good mood, her commands were preceded by a long scolding in Italian. The thing was, she had never taught me Italian; so her words were pretty much lost on me. About the only English words would be: bar stools. So, I had no idea what she was saying. Yet, I was also smart enough to not stand there with my mouth hanging open like some sort of fish-face!

As she ranted, I would just nod my head every once in a while; especially when she'd say: bar stools. I knew they were the important key words to acknowledge. After that, the bar stools would have to go back to where they belonged, and we would need to find something else to entertain us with. All in all, those bar stools proved quite versatile.