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used spectator chairs

Bar stools

Bar stools are becoming more in vogue these days. Tall and narrow and usually with a foot rest, numerous styles are now available in the market today. Bar stools used to be limited to public places or commercial places, but this type of seating furniture is now being seen in many homes.

Bar stools can now be designed and made with many available styles, sizes or materials ranging from basic wooden designs to elaborate ones. They can be constructed with wood or metal. Although most designs do not have backs, they can even come with armrests or backrests. They can also be made to swivel around or have adjustable height options. They are not only utilitarian and functional, but can also be stylish. Because of their versatility, they can be used in the home to help accentuate the design or theme of the room.

A bar stool is normally 30 inches high. For kitchen counters, it is usually twenty six inches in height. Some even pair them with high pub tables and use a tall 36 inch high stool to cause a striking and modern look and create accents in the room arrangement. Just for comparison, a regular dining chair is around 18 inches high.

A rule of thumb in determining the appropriate height of the bar stool is to first measure the height of the counter or bar level where one will position the bar stools. The height of the seat of the bar stool is around 9 to 12 inches lower than the countertop.

With that in mind, you can use bar stools when designing almost any room in your house - in the kitchen for the counter or breakfast nook, or in the recreation room for the bar. You can also use them outdoors near the pool or on the patio. They can be wonderful alternatives to the traditional seating styles or furniture.

Bar stools can be designed to blend with the theme of a room. For example, wooden bar stools of an appropriate type can be used to match the coziness and casual nature of a breakfast nook or room. They can also be upholstered with certain fabrics for a more traditional look or used as accents in other rooms like the family room. For a mini bar at home, bar stools can also be made at a higher level of around 36 inches. If they are to be used outdoors such as on the patio deck or the pool, aluminum would also be the best material for the bar stools. They can also be designed to be stackable for easy storage and space saving measures. They can also be designed to swivel around to maintain versatility and maximize seating arrangement possibilities.

Bar stools can also be used in designing commercial places. For example, if you want to have a retro look, you can design your bar stools to be made with chrome and vinyl and mixed with diner chairs. Bamboo and rattan may also be used for a breezier or tropical look. "Spectator chair" type of bar stools is also popularly used in pool halls. Swivel and floor mounted ones are also preferred by commercial establishments so that they will not be moved around nor stolen.

With a creative imagination and open mindedness as to possibilities, one can harness the advantages of bar stools when designing a room or redecorating a home. With all the styles available today, the possibilities are endless.

bar stools
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